What Makes a Humidifier the Best Humidifier for a Baby?

What Makes a Humidifier the Best Humidifier for a Baby
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Babies and other little ones are generally more sensitive to weather changes. They are most affected when the winter season becomes colder and summertime turns warmer. That’s why we have to constantly watch them for unsavory effects brought about by these extreme temperature changes.

Best Humidifier for Babies

Looking for the Culprit: Dry Air

During very cold seasons, babies should be given constant warmth – and we usually provide this by keeping the furnace running. One downside of heating, however, is that it creates an indoor environment full of stale and dry air.

Now, at first look, this is nothing spectacular, as long as our babies are warm and comfortable. Later, we start to notice that our babies have very dry, and sometimes itchy, skin.

We observe their mouths, noses and nasal passages, which are also dry. In the long run, our babies and little children start to exhibit the classic signs of allergic reaction.

When you investigate further, you can trace back the effects to the primary culprit – dry air caused by the low humidity level inside your house. Dry air is friendly to bacteria and viruses; it nurtures their growth and spread in the air inside your house.

When this happens, babies and little ones – who have no solid immune system – are the first targets. So we turn to humidifiers to prevent those above-mentioned repugnant side effects.


What to look for in the Best Humidifier for Baby

For the little ones, we always want the best. So here are some features you have to look for in the several humidifiers available on the market in order to find that best humidifier for your baby.

#1 Antibacterial qualities

Because most of our little ones are fragile when it comes to infections, a humidifier’s anti-bacterial features should be the first thing we have to look for. We have to find a humidifier that performs well in sanitizing. That includes the device’s other components such as filters, UV lights and cartridges.

#2 Silent operation

Getting enough sleep is vital for babies’ growth and development. Most babies are light sleepers; any slight noise or movement can awaken them. Hence, the best humidifier for a baby is a device that operates silently to prevent possible disturbance of their sleep.

#3 Easy Maintenance

A humidifier with detachable water storage makes it easier to handle for refilling and cleaning purposes. The faster a humidifier can be cleaned, the more time a parent can spend with his or her child and attend to the latter’s needs.

#4 Controllable Humidistat

It is essential that a humidifier’s humidity controller is easily adjustable. This ensures that the baby’s nursery room has the ideal humidity level that will prevent the existence of dry air and, consequently, its uncomfortable side effect.

An automatic controller is preferable, as it automatically detects any decline or rise of humidity level in a room, and can easily adjust the humidifier’s settings to maintain the indoor moisture to the ideal range. This is advantageous to busy parents who cannot always keep track of the change in the nursery room’s humidity.

#5 Automatic shutdown

This feature is also a must-have to maintain the optimum level of humidity inside a nursery room. A device that has auto shut-off feature stops running when it detects the existence of ideal humidity level.

This will not only prevent the imbalance of humidity level but will also help in conserving electricity from needlessly running a humidifier. Also, it alleviates possible damage to humidifier – making the device available and working for a long period of time.

best humidifier for babies


There are several humidifiers available in the market that has only three or more features of those listed above. The goal is to get all those five (5) features in one humidifier in order to find the best humidifier for a baby.

Having all those features in one humidifier may have a higher cost than a regular humidifier, but it is worth it when it is for babies. For babies deserve only the best; they deserve to have the best humidifier for in their nursery rooms to make them comfortable during the cold and warm seasons.

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