How to Know What Size Humidifier for Your Bedroom?

What Size Humidifier for Your Bedroom
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Whether you are on the lookout of relieving dry skin, managing your respiratory condition or alleviating the signs of a common cold, a humidifier is one of the best solutions for improving overall health by improving indoor comfort. Humidifiers work by increasing indoor humidity by way of injecting moisture into the dry air. This is done in the form of invisible mist. Used during the winters for easing physical discomforts which are the results of winter heating, humidifiers are also perfect for all year round use for alleviating respiratory issues and colds and even for keeping household items in perfect condition. Choosing a humidifier for the bedroom can be quite challenging and confusing at the same time. It is essential for you to think about the use of the space and the size of the humidifier before purchasing it. Knowing the exact size of a humidifier intended to be used in the bedroom can help you in saving money by not going for a large humidifier.

Making the Choice on the Right Capacity and Size for your Humidifier

Humidifiers are available in different capacities and sizes to suit the requirements of a building or a home. There are different models available in this category with each being rated for coverage area in square feet or by estimating the size of the room. The output capacity of a humidifier is measured in gallons of moisture per day. For determining the right size of a humidifier that you will need in your bedroom, you need to measure the square footage of your bedroom. The best choice would be going for tabletop humidifiers which are also known as room humidifiers. These humidifiers disperse sufficient moisture for humidifying single rooms like bedrooms. These are portable devices that are light in weight, and therefore they can easily be moved from one place to another. These products also come with removable water containers that help in simplifying the procedure of cleaning and filling the humidifiers. There are other varieties also available in the market for humidifiers. Such varieties include console style humidifiers specifically designed for providing moisture to different rooms and even buildings and the whole house humidifiers dispersing moisture into the entire house while heating or cooling indoor air.

Other Size Factors to Consider for Your Humidifer

When looking for the best humidifier size for your bedroom, it is also important for you to consider the moisture output capacity and the size of the tank featured in the humidifier. Console and tabletop humidifiers which are considered the best humidifiers for bedrooms hold varying amounts of water and also produce different moisture levels. Therefore, choosing these humidifiers is all about convenience.


When choosing the right size humidifier for your bedroom, it is essential for you to consider the number of times you would have to refill the humidifier. It is also essential for you to choose a humidifier that does not take much space while rendering some of the most significant benefits.

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