Furnace Humidifier Lesson 101

Furnace Humidifier Lesson 101
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Aside from the white snow and chills, winter brings with it dry and stale air that circulates in your entire house through your furnace. When you feel the dryness indoors only in particular rooms or only for few weeks, then you need a portable or room humidifier to solve the problem.

If this is not the case and you feel the effects of dry air every time and anywhere in your house – and for the entire cold season – then you should consider getting something bigger. A furnace humidifier can be the answer to your wishes!

Furnace Humidifier

Furnace humidifiers are the kind of humidifier that increases the humidity level of an entire house. Its scope is wider compared to the other kinds, and it is usually built-in as part of the HVAC system or installed somewhere near the furnace. From the name itself, it can be gleaned that this kind of humidifier is dependent on a furnace. Hence, it can only run when the furnace is running, too.

From furnace humidifier reviews, this type of humidifier has some advantages over other portable humidifiers. Furnace humidifiers can cover several rooms at the same time – in that way, maintenance costs for several portables can be lessened when there is only one humidifier to maintain.

The Workings of a Furnace Humidifier

A furnace humidifier has a big role to play during cold or winter seasons. When the temperature goes down, people will make use of their heating system to increase the warmth indoors. This rise in indoor temperature will cause increased dryness in the air.

When a furnace humidifier detects this dryness or plummets in the humidity level, it reacts by releasing moisture in the air for its goal to maintain the indoor humidity level in the ideal range of 30% to 60%.

Major Types of Furnace Humidifiers

  1. Flow-through Furnace Humidifier – water passes by the humidifier and drains out. This kind is the best for preventing growth of bacteria in reserved water.
  1. Reservoir Humidifier – makes use of a rotating drum and reservoir of water to release moisture in the air. This kind of humidifier needs constant cleaning to prevent growth of bacteria and molds in the reserved water, and build-up of minerals on the drum pads.
  1. Evaporative Furnace Humidifier – this type disperses mists into the air through the use of filters. This is fit for furnaces that are easy to access, as there is a need for constant changing of filters to keep the humidifier functioning properly.

Choosing the Furnace Humidifier for Your Place

Now, the introduction to the general or basic information about furnace humidifiers is over and done. It is time to choose the best furnace humidifier for your home. Choosing the best one for you can be tough work and requires an in-depth research.

To help you decide, it is recommended that you read several furnace humidifiers reviews from verified purchasers to get reliable feedbacks of certain furnace humidifiers.

By doing this, you will get both the pros and cons of a certain product. You can also absorb information as you read some tips about the products, which the manual usually leaves out or the manufacturers are not aware of.

Pick at least three products that caught your attention or curiosity and compare the features, feedbacks, purchase price and quality of the three against each other. When you’re done with this, give special attention to the customer’s comments. If a certain furnace humidifier is generally praised or positively reviewed, it is likely that the product lives up to the expectations of its owners.

However, what is generally good for others is not automatically great for you. In picking out a furnace humidifier, always count in your decisions your special requirements or needs. Ultimately, the best furnace humidifier is not the one that is usually purchased by everyone. The best furnace humidifier is the one that fits all your requirements and yet still performs very well.


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