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The workplace is a setup for the meeting of minds. It’s the corporate framework wherein mental robustness and productivity meets halfway to create and produce successful results for businesses to meet the needs and expectations of modern and technologically savvy consumers.

While the office setting makes it possible for people to brainstorm and collaborate, it’s also a familiar breeding ground for contagious illnesses because of tight office spaces. Small offices with close-fitting cubicles and employees sharing the use of different equipment make it possible for sickness to be transmitted from one person to another especially when you are not particular with personal hygiene like cleaning and disinfecting your workstation and other equipment or even your pen perhaps which could carry a lot of microbes without you knowing it.

Also, air quality could be constricted due to exposure to building chemicals like from copiers and multiple electrical equipment that are running all at the same time which emit harmful electromagnetic energy that could adversely affect your health. Most offices do not have open windows due to centralized air-conditioning which also limits employees’ supply of steady fresh air. Small office spaces should be properly ventilated to ensure that employees do not experience Sick Building Syndrome (SBS).

Rising Incidences of Sick Building Syndrome

If you are aware of the above scenario, this points out to Closed Building Syndrome (CBS) or what is commonly referred to as Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) wherein office employees would usually complain or experience generalized fatigue, dizzy spells, chronic headaches, stuffy nose, itchy or irritated eyes, nausea, dry throat, cough, wheezing, and shortness of breath; to name some. While most employees would think it’s just office stress gnawing on them, these symptoms are actually attributed to poor ventilation system and low humidity levels shared by a number of office workers in the same building.

Importance of Using a Small Humidifier for a Small Office

When the dry spell kicks in, it’s high time to plug that humidifier to keep moisture levels balanced and sickness at bay. Humidity levels are relevant to keeping equipment and especially people in their top form. You have to keep it above 50% to ensure optimal health for employees. More so, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) studies have also revealed direct correlation between that of missed work due to employee illnesses and that of unstable humidity levels. Once humidity levels drop to around 40% and below, more office workers become prone to influenza, allergies, or other respiratory illnesses which accounts for absences and delays in output due to employees calling sick.

Installing humidification systems or small humidifiers for small offices or on any office space size is proven to be beneficial to employees’ health, competency at work, and overall productivity output. Come to think of it, it’s not just the employees that benefit from having humidifiers in offices but the entire organizational structure as well.

While some companies do not take air quality very seriously and is not considered a priority at first, they are now seeing the disadvantages of not installing humidification systems and how it puts a toll on the health and efficiency of employees. This prompted a lot of businesses to take immediate action on providing better humidity levels and air quality to office workers especially for small offices.

Check out my top 2 picks for best humidifiers for small offices:

Mini Office/Bedroom Ultra-Sonic Humidifier

Snag this portable mini cool mist humidifier for your workspace on sale right now for only $29.50 + Free Shipping or 51% off its regular price of $59.99 available at Amazon. This features an Ultrasonic Technology System which operates on whisper mode or noiseless and is also energy efficient. This also has a tank capacity of 1.4L and can operate for 8 to 10 hours. More so, this humidifier has an auto off setting once the tank goes empty. This cool mist humidifier is very compact and stylish which is a great addition to your workstation while also keeping cough, cold, and flu symptoms at bay.


PrettyCare Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Upgrade your office space and improve your health with the integration of this stylish cool mist humidifier now on sale for a low price of $16.85 + Free Shipping when you order items over $49 at Amazon. Fight off the common cold, dry or cracked skin, coughs, sore or dry throat, and insomnia with this power-packed yet handy humidifier. In addition, this portable cool mist humidifier also works as a facial sauna steamer which makes this a versatile piece for office use. This automatically purifies the air with its ultra-fine mist feature and this is also the most silent type of cool mist humidifier with auto shut off feature for added convenience. This is compatible with any water bottle or tanks. This is very easy to use – just plug it on your desktop computer, laptop, car charger, or power bank; and you’re good to go. This is great for small office use, aromatherapy sessions, and also for travels.


Contrary to popular notion, investing on a small humidifier for your small office space is certainly not a luxury especially with the given reasonably low prices of these humidifiers. Pamper and safeguard your health with durable, cost-efficient, and effective small office humidifiers that will get your productivity levels amplified in no time.

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