Aprilaire 700 Automatic Humidifier Review

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  • Adds or a lot of moisture
  • Removes a lot of moisture
  • 4,200 sq. ft range
  • Outdoor sensor
  • Digital controller





  • May need a HVAC engineer to install
  • Annoying noise
  • High water usage



With a wide coverage and better than the rest moisture handling, the Aprilaire 700 should definitely be at the top of your list.

Do you own a big house and you find it costly to buy several humidifiers just to cover the entire homes, including different rooms? Are you getting tired of maintaining your many portable humidifiers just to keep them working?

Have you told yourself that enough is enough? Then you better get your house a different humidifier that can cover a wider space. Well, you don’t need to look far – Aprilaire 700 Automatic Humidifier is just a few clicks away.


  • Coverage: 4,200 square feet
  • With digital control but also has manual mode
  • Delivers 50% more moisture compared to other similar brands and units
  • High capacity humidifier, performs noiselessly
  • With humidity and temperature indicators
  • Evaporation capacity: 0.75 gallons per hour
  • Dimensions: 16 in x 11 in x 18 in
  • Weight: 15.8 lbs
  • Maintenance: Once a year, simple


What’s great about Aprilaire 700 Humidifier is that it brings 50% more moisture in your house in contrast to other leading humidifier models available on the market now. It is also one of the humidifiers that showcase high evaporation capacity with impressive 0.75 gallon per hour. Aside from that, it extends its reach up to 4,200 square feet in a tightly constructed space or home.

Homeowners can save more money from buying two or more humidifiers just to cover their big area. In addition, they will not be giving away a few more dollars for the maintenance of those humidifiers.

The outdoor temperature sensor works to gauge the outside temperature and connects to the indoor humidity sensor that, in turn, adjusts your house’s indoor humidity. It works on its own, and you don’t need to manually tinker the humidifier if you feel uncomfortable with the dry air inside.

Aprilaire 700 is basically your install-then-leave-it-after appliance – save for its annual maintenance to ensure the machine’s maximum performance.

Also, the digital controller makes an accurate read of the humidity level inside your house and makes accurate adjustments – even before you start to feel any changes in your house’s humidity level – to prevent having dry air in your house and, as a consequence, preventing your household members from suffering from dry skin, sinuses, and other similar allergic reactions.

For those experienced with DIY work, Aprilaire 700 comes with a nice installation manual that explains, fully but clearly, the twists and turns that need to be taken to make your humidifier working in no time.

Plus you have an option of running Aprilaire 700 with the furnace or making it work without the furnace running, too. The choice is really based on which one is better and more comfortable for you.


If you have no idea about basic electronics and wiring, then it is recommended to hire the services of an HVAC expert to do the installing for you. In this aspect, you have to spend more or less a hundred bucks for his service fee – but the pay will be worth it when the Aprilaire 700 starts running and making significant changes in your house.

Most of the reviews of Aprilaire 700 talk about its noise – the humidifier creates a sound that some might find bothersome. This particular humidifier’s high evaporation capacity entails a relatively higher amount of water usage for the device.

Your water bill may get higher if you start using this device so if you have a tight leash for your utility expenses, then Aprilaire 700’s water usage may cause a little bump to your budget.


Overall, Aprilaire 700 Automatic Humidifier is the one you should be looking for if you need a top-notch, proven and tested humidifier for your house. The number of favorable reviews is a testament from its certified purchasers and users.

With its wider coverage and fifty percent (50%) more output, you will get more than what you will pay for when compared to buying its other competing units in the market.

You don’t need to suffer from the unsavory effects of too high or too low humidity level in your own home. It is time to make your life more comfortable! Let Aprilaire 700 Automatic Humidifier take the lead in giving you the comfort that you and your other household members deserve in your own home during both cold and warm seasons.

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